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Boardroom in NY Rothschild Office named after Thomas Costello

On May 19, 2022, Rothschild & Co’s New York office held a celebration of life event in memory of Tommy. Our family was fortunate to be invited in the celebration. The event was held at Bar 65 (the Rainbow Room) on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Plaza. Stories were shared and we heard many examples of how Tom had impacted his co-workers, clients, finance students at Madison, etc. Tommy believed in being inclusive and treating everyone with respect and knew that having a positive attitude can rub off on people. He was known for greeting everyone with a big smile and warm hello every morning, and loved to mentor incoming analysts as well as students at Madison who were looking to get into investment banking. Tommy believed that helping others was the right thing to do and never looked for recognition for doing it. During the event, Rothschild & Co. announced that the Board of Director’s board room in the NY office was being renamed the Thomas A. Costello Boardroom Room. A group of Tommy’s colleague’s wrote the inscription and the bronze plaque was unveiled at the event. It had been a cloudy day and during the event, the clouds parted and it was a beautiful sunset which seemed so appropriate. We continue to be humbled by the level of support from Rothschild & Co and the impact that Tommy made during his tenure there.

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